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      Established in 2011 and located in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone, Tianjin Zhongyiming Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating production, learning and research. Professionals including more than ten masters are the main research and development personnel of the company, and form a professional research group with the discipline teams of many “211/985” universities. After nearly ten years of research and field work, the company has successfully developed the first high-rigidity grinding and cutting general-purpose robot at home and abroad, and realized four sequences and twelve varieties of closed-type, pass-type, open-type and stamping equipment. The products basically cover the post-processing steps of castings and the field development of rough grinding, cutting, fine grinding, oxide layer processing and drilling, which fills the technical gap in the world.

      The company has obtained the honorary titles such as national high-tech enterprise, small technology giant, and small and medium-sized enterprise of science and technology. It has more than 60 international and domestic invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights and other intellectual property rights. It has been put into use at the production site of more than ten domestic customers. We have achieved breakthroughs from “contention with foreign equipment cost-effectiveness” to “product structure and function surpassing foreign equipment”.

      Nowadays, Tianjin Zhongyiming Technology Co., Ltd. has occupied the field of high-strength processing robots - both the forerunner and leader of the post-processing equipment for castings in China's foundry industry! 

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