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      Welcome leaders from China Foundry Association?to visit ZYM

      On April 18,2019, Mr.Liu, Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Foundry, and Professor Liu, the Tianjin Institute of Foundry, visited and guided the work of the Zhongming Technology Co., Ltd. Accompanied by the general manager, Mr. Chen Yue Cheng, the leaders of the Society, the teachers visited the production workshop of the company, and visited the high-rigidity grinding and cutting robot of several sequences. The technicians of the relevant technical personnel carried out the test operation on the site of each sequence equipment, and the performance of the equipment, such as high rigidity, flexibility was obtained by the Society and the teachers. Then, in the meeting room of the company, the general manager of the company, Mr. Chen, made a detailed introduction about the development of Zhongyiming technology,the research and the products. The leaders and teachers of the Society have also made valuable suggestions to the Zhongming Technology.

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