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       Tianjin Zhongyiming always adheres to the service spirit of “pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction”, and solemnly promises you with the principle of “the most favorable price, the most considerate service and the most reliable product quality”:

      I. Product quality commitment:

      1. Our company's high-rigidity grinding and cutting general-purpose robot adopts self-developed mechanical spindle. Our company promises maintenance-free service life of mechanical spindle for 3 years. If there is non-human damage in 3 years, our company is responsible for free maintenance.

      2. Our company's high-rigidity grinding and cutting universal robots use the joints for a long time and are maintenance-free within 5 years. During the grinding process, the phenomenon of tandem arm robot joint meshing gear damage and regular maintenance due to the impact of the alternating load won't occur. 

      II. After-sales Service Commitment:

      1. If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, the supplier cannot eliminate the fault after receiving the notification, the maintenance personnel can reach the scene and start maintenance within XX hour.

      2. The warranty period of the equipment is: 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts damaged by quality reasons for free. The damage of the parts outside the warranty period will only be charged for the cost of the parts. Equipment damage caused by human factors, the repair or supply of accessories is based on the cost.

      III. Technical Performance Commitment:

      1. Our company can assist customers to provide technical standards for the big casting head grinding and acceptance of workpieces.
      2. Our company's equipment meets the production rhythm requirements of the customer's actual production capacity.

      Fourth. Consumables Commitment:

      According to the actual casting product status and the on-site working environment (daily equipment running time), we promise that the product service life will not be shorter than that specified in the terms (Technical Agreement).

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